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Wengrove, M. E. (author), Foster, D. L. (author), Lippmann, T. C. (author), de Schipper, M.A. (author), Calantoni, J. (author)
Bedload transport is an important mechanism for sediment flux in the nearshore. Yet few studies examine the relationship between bedform evolution and net sediment transport. Our work contributes concurrent observations of bedform mobility and bedload transport in response to wave dominant, current dominant, and combined wave-current flows in...
journal article 2019
Kroon, A. (author)
The present report gives a summary of all the data collected during the field campaign at the beach and in the nearshore zone near Egmond aan Zee, the Netherlands in 1990. The field experiments are executed with the overall goal to improve the knowledge of the processes which govern the depositional and erosional responses of the surfzone,...
report 1990
Ostendorf, D.W. (author), Madsen, O.S. (author)
Two momentum based longshore current models and a preliminary longshore sediment transport model are derived, calibrated and tested in the present investigation. The Linear Longshore Current Model predicts the relatively small longshore current induced by monochromatic, two dimensional, gravity waves of finite height and near normal incidence...
report 1979