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Holtz, G. (author), Alkemade, F. (author), De Haan, F. (author), Köhler, J. (author), Trutnevyte, E. (author), Luthe, T. (author), Halbe, J. (author), Papachristos, G. (author), Chappin, E. (author), Kwakkel, J.H. (author), Ruutu, S. (author)
Societal transitions involve multiple actors, changes in institutions, values and technologies, and interactions across multiple sectors and scales. Given this complexity, this paper takes on the view that the societal transitions research field would benefit from the further maturation and broader uptake of modelling approaches. This paper...
journal article 2015
Enserink, B. (author), De Haan, A.R.C. (author), Hermans, L.M. (author)
Real world problems are a challenge and a motivator for students to learn understanding and using the concepts of systems and actors. But using real world problems in the classroom is not without challenges and dilemmas. In the paper we explicitly address the issue of the need for quite intense support for the students when tackling real life...
conference paper 2012