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Snellen, M. (author), Eleftherakis, S. (author), Amiri-Simkooei, A. (author), Koomans, R.L. (author), Simons, D.G. (author)
This contribution presents sediment classification results derived from different sources of data collected at the Dordtse Kil river, the Netherlands. The first source is a multi-beam echo-sounder (MBES). The second source is measurements taken with a gamma-ray scintillation detector, i.e., the Multi-Element Detection System for Underwater...
journal article 2013
Amiri-Simkooei, A. (author), Snellen, M. (author), Simons, D.G. (author)
A method has recently been developed that employs multi-beam echo-sounder backscatter data to both obtain the number of sediment classes and discriminate between them by applying the Bayes decision rule to multiple hypotheses [ Simons and Snellen, Appl. Acoust. 70, 1258–1268 (2009) ]. In deep water, the number of scatter pixels within the beam...
journal article 2009