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Jie, L. (author), Fangfang, Z. (author), Van Zuylen, H.J. (author), Shoufeng, L. (author)
Micro simulation programs are often used to assess the quality of traffic conditions. They are especially suited to evaluate possible control scenarios in advance, so that the scenarios can be selected and optimized before implementation. Of course, the simulation programs should be valid for the traffic situation that has to be modeled with...
journal article 2011
Asamer, J. (author), Van Zuylen, H.J. (author), Heilmann, B. (author)
Calibrated simulation models taking into account adverse weather conditions can be used to optimise traffic management strategies, such as speed adaptation and signal timing optimisation. On snowy road conditions, car following behaviour changes because drivers tend to accelerate more slowly, increase their following distance and drive with...
journal article 2013