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Verdel, Arie (author), Wedemeijer, Harry (author), Paap, B (author), Vandeweijer, Vincent (author), Weemstra, C. (author), Jousset, Philippe (author), Franke, Steven (author), Blanck, Hanna (author), Águstsson, K. (author), Hersir, Gylfi Páll (author)
We present results from the application of ambient noise seismic interferometry (ANSI) to data that were recorded continuously in 2014 and 2015 at Iceland’s peninsula Reykjanes. The objective of this study is the retrieval of reflected body waves (P-waves) that provide high-resolution velocity-versus-depth as well as subsurface structural...
conference paper 2016
Arts, R.J. (author), Zhang, X. (author), Verdel, A.R. (author), Santonico, D. (author), Meekes, J.A.C. (author), Noorlandt, R.P. (author), Paap, B.F. (author), Vandeweijer, V.P. (author)
Since July 2008, CO2 is injected into a saline aquifer near the town of Ketzin in Germany. For monitoring the CO2- migration close to the injection well, TNO installed a fixed 2D seismic array of 120 meters length in 2009, with 3- component geophones at the surface, 4-component receivers at 50 meters depth and a central vertical array of 4-...
journal article 2013