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Liu, Yi (author), van der Neut, J.R. (author), Arntsen, B (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author)
A novel application of seismic interferometry (SI) and Marchenko imaging using both surface and borehole data is presented. A series of redatuming schemes is proposed to combine both data sets for robust deep local imaging in the presence of velocity uncertainties. The redatuming schemes create a virtual acquisition geometry where both sources...
journal article 2016
Evers, L.G. (author), Wapenaar, C.P.A. (author), Heaney, KD (author), Snellen, M. (author)
The propagation of acoustic waves in the ocean strongly depends on the temperature. Lowfrequency acoustic waves can penetrate the ocean down to depths where few in situ measurements are available. It is therefore attractive to obtain a measure of the deep ocean temperature from acoustic waves. The latter is especially true if the ambient...
journal article 2017