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Vink, J.H. (author)
conference paper 2007
Blok, M. (author), De Korte, E.M. (author), Groenesteijn, L. (author), Formanoy, M. (author), Vink, P. (author)
conference paper 2009
Navarro, R. (author), Agócs, Tibor (author), Venema, L (author), van Amerongen, A.H. (author), Rodenhuis, M. (author), Hoogeveen, Ruud W. M. (author), Coppens, T (author), Brandl, B.R. (author), Vink, R. (author)
<br/>Immersed gratings offer several advantages over conventional gratings: more compact spectrograph designs, and by using standard semiconductor industry techniques, higher diffraction-efficiency and lower stray-light can be achieved. We present the optical tests of the silicon immersed grating demonstrator for the Mid-infrared E-ELT Imager...
conference paper 2017