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de Jonge, J.B. (author), Vink, W.J. (author)
Standard methods for the calculation of Design Continuous Gust Loads cannot be applied in the case of aircraft with nonlinear response characteristics. In such cases, Design Loads can be calculated using stochastic simulation techniques. These techniques, however, require a very large computational effort. Hence, alternative methods, indicated...
report 1994
Vink, W.J. (author), de Jonge, J.B. (author)
The present report is part of a "Manual" on aircraft loads, that is being prepared by NLR. It contains a computer program, to be used in combination with "MATLAB4 for Windows" (Student Edition) software, to study aircraft loading due to turbulence. It includes a simple aircraft response model with two rigid and three flexible symmetric degrees...
report 1997