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Van der Wal, W. (author), Wang, L. (author), Visser, P.N.A.M. (author), Sneeuw, N. (author), Vermeersen, L.L.A. (author)
GOCE gravity fields are assessed in an area around Reykjanes Ridge. Ship gravity measurements were found to be to inaccurate to determine possible improvement of GOCE gravity field models compared to the best available GRACE gravity field model. Differences between the GOCE gravity field models and EGM2008 does not appear to contain a component...
conference paper 2011
Hu, Z. (author), Van Belzen, J. (author), Van der Wal, D. (author), Balke, T. (author), Wang, Z.B. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author), Bouma, T.J. (author)
Understanding the mechanisms limiting and facilitating salt marsh vegetation initial establishment is of widespread importance due to the many valuable services salt marsh ecosystems offer. Salt marsh dynamics have been investigated by many previous studies, but the mechanisms that enable or disable salt marsh initial establishment are still...
journal article 2015