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Zhang, L. (author), Landucci, Gabriele (author), Reniers, G.L.L.M.E. (author), Ovidi, Federica (author), Khakzad Rostami, N. (author), Zhou, Jianfeng (author)
The propagation of accidents among process units may cause amplification of accident magnitude, resulting in a domino effect chain. Several catastrophic accidents occurred in the process and chemical industry presented these features. Hence, research efforts have been given to the analysis of the domino effects in order to enhance prevention...
book chapter 2018
De Weerdt, M.M. (author), Zhang, Y. (author)
In games where agents are asked to declare their available resources, they can also strategize over this declaration. Surprisingly, not in all such games a VCG payment can be applied to construct a truthful mechanism using an optimal algorithm, though such payments can prevent under-reporting of resources. We show this for the problem of...
book chapter 2010