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Van Deursen, A. (author), Mesbah, A. (author), Nederlof, A. (author)
In this paper we review five years of research in the field of automated crawling and testing of web applications. We describe the open source Crawljax tool, and the various extensions that have been proposed in order to address such issues as cross-browser compatibility testing, web application regression testing, and style sheet usage analysis...
report 2014
Groeneveld, F. (author), Mesbah, A. (author), Van Deursen, A. (author)
The complexity of modern web applications increases as client-side JavaScript and dynamic DOM programming are used to offer a more interactive web experience. In this paper, we focus on improving the dependability of such applications by automatically inferring invariants from the client-side and using those invariants for testing. By combining...
report 2010