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Van Ormondt, D. (author), De Beer, R. (author), Van der Veen, J.W.C. (author), Sima, D.M. (author), Graveron-Demilly, D. (author)
MRI-scanners enable non-invasive, in vivo quantitation of metabolites in, e.g., the brain of a patient. Among other things, this requires adequate estimation of the unknown temporal decay function of the complex-valued signal emanating from the metabolites. We propose a method to render a current decay estimator more simple, accurate, and robust...
conference paper 2015
Van Ormondt, D. (author), Van der Veen, J.W.C. (author), Sima, D.M. (author), Graveron-Demilly, D. (author)
In in vivo metabolite-quantitation with a magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) scanner, the model function of the attendant MRS signal is often only partly known. This unfavourable condition requires semi-parametric estimation. In the present study the unknown part is the form of the decay function of the MRS signal. The lack of knowledge is...
conference paper