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Rajan, R.T. (author), Boonstra, A.J. (author), Bentum, M. (author), Klein-Wolt, M. (author), Belien, F. (author), Arts, M. (author), Saks, N. (author), Van der Veen, A.J. (author)
The past decade has seen the advent of various radio astronomy arrays, particularly for low-frequency observations below 100 MHz. These developments have been primarily driven by interesting and fundamental scientific questions, such as studying the dark ages and epoch of re-ionization, by detecting the highly red-shifted 21 cm line emission....
journal article 2015
Bentum, M.J. (author), Verhoeven, C.J.M. (author), Boonstra, A.J. (author), Van der Veen, A.J. (author), Gill, E.K.A. (author)
OLFAR, Orbiting Low Frequency Antennas for Radio Astronomy, will be a space mission to observe the universe frequencies below 30 MHz, as it was never done before with an orbiting telescope. Because of the ionospheric scintillations below 30 MHz and the opaqueness of the ionosphere below 15 MHz, a space mission is the only opportunity for this as...
conference paper 2009