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Gao, J.R. (author), Hovenier, J.N. (author), Yang, Z.Q. (author), Baselmans, J.J.A. (author), Baryshev, A. (author), Hajenius, M. (author), Klapwijk, T.M. (author), Adam, A.J.L. (author), Klaassen, T.O. (author), Williams, B.S. (author), Kumar, S. (author), Hu, Q. (author), Reno, J.L. (author)
We report the first demonstration of an all solid-state heterodyne receiver that can be used for high-resolution spectroscopy above 2?THz suitable for space-based observatories. The receiver uses a NbN superconducting hot-electron bolometer as mixer and a quantum cascade laser operating at 2.8?THz as local oscillator. We measure a double...
journal article 2005