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Weiler, M. (author), Althammer, M. (author), Schreier, M. (author), Lotze, J. (author), Pernpeintner, M. (author), Meyer, S. (author), Huebl, H. (author), Gross, R. (author), Kamra, A. (author), Xiao, J. (author), Chen, Y.T. (author), Jiao, H.J. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author), Goennenwein, S.T.B. (author)
We perform a quantitative, comparative study of the spin pumping, spin Seebeck, and spin Hall magnetoresistance effects, all detected via the inverse spin Hall effect in a series of over 20??yttrium???iron?garnet/Pt samples. Our experimental results fully support present, exclusively spin current-based, theoretical models using a single set of...
journal article 2013