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Savenije, T.J. (author), Nanu, M. (author), Schoonman, J. (author), Goossens, A. (author)
Photoinduced interfacial charge carrier generation, separation, trapping, and recombination in TiO2?In2S3?CuInS2 cells have been studied with time-resolved microwave conductivity (TRMC). Single layer, double layer, and complete triple layer configurations have been studied. Selective electronic excitation in one of the components is accomplished...
journal article 2007
Nanu, M. (author), Boulch, F. (author), Schoonman, J. (author), Goossens, A. (author)
Deep-level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) has been used to measure the concentration and energy position of deep electronic states in CuInS2. Flat TiO2?CuInS2 heterojunctions as well as TiO2-CuInS2 nanocomposites have been investigated. Subband-gap electronic states in CuInS2 films are mostly due to antisite point defects and vacancies....
journal article 2005