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Hoppe, T. (author), van der Vegt, Arjen (author), Stegmaier, Peter (author)
Academic attention to local climate policy usually focuses on large-sized cities. Given the climate challenges ahead this seems unjustified. Small and medium-sized cities (SMCs) deserve scholarly attention as well. The main question is: What factors influence climate change policy and local climate actions in SMCs? In this article we present...
journal article 2016
Acosta, Cristina (author), Ortega, Mariana (author), Bunsen, Till (author), Koirala, B.P. (author), Ghorbani, A. (author)
Integrated Community Energy Systems (ICES) are an emerging local energy system focusing on the collective use of distributed energy resources (DER). These socio-technical systems (STSs) have a high potential to advance the transition towards socially inclusive, environmentally-friendly energy systems and to stimulate the local economy. While...
journal article 2018