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Prokhorov, V.G. (author), Kaminsky, G.G. (author), Kim, J.M. (author), Eom, T.W. (author), Park, J.S. (author), Lee, Y.P. (author), Svetchnikov, V.L. (author), Levtchenko, G.G. (author), Nikolaenko, Y.M. (author), Khokhlov, V.A. (author)
X-ray diffraction analysis and high-resolution electron microscopy of BiFeO3 films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering on single-crystal LaAlO3 (001) substrates reveal that the films have a highly c-oriented orthorhombic crystalline structure. The magnetic properties of the BiFeO3 films are typical of ensembles of interacting superparamagnetic...
journal article 2011