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Liu, Yang (author), Wu, Yuanhao (author), Bian, Dong (author), Gao, Shuang (author), Leeflang, M.A. (author), Guo, Hui (author), Zheng, Yufeng (author), Zhou, J. (author)
Novel Mg-(3.5, 6.5wt%)Li-(0.5, 2, 4wt%)Zn ternary alloys were developed as new kinds of biodegradable metallic materials with potential for stent application. Their mechanical properties, degradation behavior, cytocompatibility and hemocompatibility were studied. These potential biomaterials showed higher ultimate tensile strength than...
journal article 2017
Liu, Zizheng (author), Guo, Yizhou (author), Shang, R. (author), Fang, Zheng (author), Wu, Feng (author), Wang, Zongping (author)
We report herein the use of ferric iron (Fe 3 + ) and sulfite (SO 3 2 −) to activate persulfate (S 2 O 8 2 −). Decolorization and mineralization of reactive Brilliant Red X-3B (a model azo dye) by an Fe(III)/sulfite/persulfate triple system have been investigated in aqueous solutions. Initial pH and dis- solved oxygen are important factors...
journal article 2016