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Polder, R.B. (author)
A review is given of research on the durability performance of concrete made with blast furnace slag and fly ash related to chloride induced reinforcement corrosion, carried out in the Netherlands, where slag has been used in cement for almost a century. Results are presented from field studies on concrete in marine environment and laboratory...
journal article 2012
Gulikers, J.J.W. (author)
Chloride-induced reinforcement corrosion in concrete is characterised by the action of so-called macrocells. The associated localised form of corrosion results from the strong electrochemical interaction between the relatively small pitting sites acting as anodes and the large passive steel areas acting as cathodes. The existence of macrocell...
journal article 1996
Wanhill, R.J.H. (author), Schra, L. (author), 't Hart, W.G.J. (author)
New impetus to continued use of alximinium alloys in major structural areas of aircraft has been given by the development of aluminium-lithium alloys. However, qualification of these new materials for service requires extensive testing and evaluation, preferably in international cooperative programmes. The evaluation of aluminium-lithium alloys...
report 1989