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Riratanaphong, C. (author), van der Voordt, D.J.M. (author)
Purpose: A) to record Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are used in performance measurementin practice; B) to investigate the influence of the work environment on employee satisfaction and perceived productivity, and to explore the impact of culture on employees’ appraisal of their work environment and prioritized aspects.<br/>Methodology:...
book chapter 2012
Riratanaphong, C (author), van der Voordt, D.J.M. (author)
Various studies have shown that corporate real estate can contribute to organisational performance. However, the concept of Public Real Estate Management (PREM) has not been well known in Thailand. This paper aims to present the concept of PREM, to describe Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are being used in practice, to discuss KPIs that...
journal article 2015
van der Voordt, D.J.M. (author), Jensen, Per Anker (author)
This paper aims to present a process model of value adding corporate real estate and facilities management and to discuss which indicators can be used to measure and benchmark workplace performance. <br/><br/>In order to add value to the organisation, the work environment has to provide value for money by a positive trade-off between the...
conference paper 2017