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Wang, P (author), Chen, Wei (author), Chiang, Fu-Kuo (author), Dugulan, A.I. (author), Song, Yuanjun (author), Pestman, R (author), Zhang, K (author), Yao, Jinsong (author), Feng, Bo (author), Miao, Ping (author), Xu, Wayne (author), Hensen, Emiel J.M. (author)
journal article 2018
Yin, L.J. (author), Chen, G.Z (author), Wang, C. (author), Xu, X. (author), Hao, L.Y. (author), Hintzen, H.T.J.M. (author)
A series of Si-N or Eu-Li doped CeAl11O18 and CeAl12O18N phosphors are prepared by solid–state reaction. Their structure and luminescence are researched carefully. Si-N doping with the concentration less than 8% can be successfully dissolved into CeAl11O18 crystal lattice and doesn't change the matrix structure, only resulting in crystal lattice...
journal article 2014
Chen, Z. (author), Xu, Z. (author), Wang, G. (author), Li, H. (author), Chen, B. (author), Zeng, X.C. (author), Tan, L. (author)
Crystalline solids are solid materials whose constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are arranged in a highly regulated fashion. Due to lack of rotational freedom in their stacking, they have been known as fragile materials. Even though some efforts have been dedicated to bind or mend defects/cracks in amorphous materials like concrete or polymers...
conference paper 2013