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Jansen, S.C. (author), Meggers, Forrest (author)
The IEA Annex 64 focusing on low-ex communities aims at the improvement of energy conversion chains on a community scale, using exergy analysis as the primary evaluation mode. Within this Annex the participants discuss important aspects and available methods for energy and exergy assessment as well as the added value of aiming for low exergy ...
conference paper 2016
Jansen, S.C. (author)
This doctoral research studied the added value of exergy for the assessment and development of energy systems for the built environment, aiming at a reduced need for high-quality energy input. Currently the analysis and development of energy systems for the built environment is based on the energy concept. Energy however gives an incomplete...
doctoral thesis 2013
Jansen, S.C. (author), Woudstra, N. (author)
Exergy analysis is used to evaluate the thermodynamic performance of processes, including energy conversion and supply systems. This often involves the calculation of the exergy of heat, at a temperature either above or below the environmental temperature (T0). The exergy of ‘cold’, i.e., heat at T < T0, is less used and therefore sometimes...
journal article 2010