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Vinke, Elisabeth J. (author), Huizinga, W. (author), Bergtholdt, Martin (author), Adams, Hieab H. (author), Steketee, Rebecca M.E. (author), Papma, Janne M. (author), De Jong, Frank Jan (author), Niessen, W.J. (author), Ikram, M. Arfan (author)
Brain imaging data are increasingly made publicly accessible, and volumetric imaging measures derived from population-based cohorts may serve as normative data for individual patient diagnostic assessment. Yet, these normative cohorts are usually not a perfect reflection of a patient's base population, nor are imaging parameters such as field...
journal article 2019
Mulder, Inge A. (author), Khmelinskii, Artem (author), Dzyubachyk, Oleh (author), De Jong, Sebastiaan (author), Wermer, Marieke J.H. (author), Hoehn, Mathias (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author), van den Maagdenberg, Arn M.J.M. (author)
In this data report we make available to the community a highly variable longitudinal MRI mouse brain data set of ischemic lesion after transient middle cerebral artery occlusion (tMCAo). Together with the provided semi-automated and automated segmentations, these data can be used to further improve the method proposed by Mulder et al. (2017)...
journal article 2017
Alic, L. (author), Haeck, J.C. (author), Klein, S. (author), Bol, K. (author), Van Tiel, S.T. (author), Wielepolski, P.A. (author), Bijster, M. (author), Niessen, W.J. (author), Bernsen, M. (author), Veenland, J.F. (author), De Jong, M. (author)
conference paper 2010