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Winterwerp, J.C. (author), Zhou, Zeng (author), Battista, Guilia (author), van Kessel, Thijs (author), Jagers, Bert (author), van Maren, D.S. (author), van der Wegen, Mick (author)
This paper presents a fast consolidation model suitable for long-term morphodynamic simulations. This model is applicable for muddy systems where sedimentation rates are smaller than consolidation rates, assuming quasi-equilibrium of the consolidating bed. It compares to the consolidation model developed by Sanford (2008). However, in that model...
abstract 2017
Laumann, S.J. (author), Zhou, Jianchao (author), Heimovaara, T.J. (author)
The utilization of natural processes for engineering purposes has been widely discussed in recent years since they might enable the development of cost-effective, robust and environmentally compatible engineering technologies. Biomineralization is one of the many possible biogeochemical processes that is currently investigated in detail. We...
abstract 2016