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Popov, M. (author), Parmar, Shreya (author), Rietveld, Gert (author), Preston, Gary (author), Radojevic, Zoran (author), Terzija, Vladimir (author)
This paper presents a comparison between two different approaches to fault location both with and without utilising transmission line parameters. Firstly, an impedance-based parameter-dependent algorithm, derived by using modal transformation theory and fast Fourier transform is presented. The methodology is able to locate the fault whether it...
journal article 2016
Popov, M. (author), Rietveld, G. (author), Radojevic, Z. (author), Terzija, V. (author)
This paper presents a fault location algorithm that can be used to accurately locate the fault at any place along mixed line-cable transmission corridors. The algorithm is an impedance based line/cable parameter dependent algorithm. The fault location algorithm is derived using distributed line model, modal transformation theory and Discrete...
conference paper 2013