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Nijhuis, S. (author), Jauslin, D.T. (author), Van der Hoeven, F.D. (author)
Social, cultural and technological developments of our society are demanding a fundamental review of the planning and design of its landscapes and infrastructures, in particular in relation to environmental issues and sustainability. Transportation, green and water infrastructures are important agents that facilitate processes that shape the...
book 2015
Nijhuis, S. (author), Bobbink, I. (author), Jauslin, D.T. (author)
This paper aims to introduce the particular methodology of the author's and their colleagues at TU Delft Chair of Landscape Architecture. This approach is characterised by theories, methods and techniques converging towards design and research and research by design. The relation and interaction between these research domains is illustrated with...
conference paper 2011
Nijhuis, S. (author), Jauslin, D. (author), De Vries, C. (author)
Flowscapes explores infrastructure as a type of landscape and landscape as a type of infrastructure, and is focused on landscape architectonic design of transportation-, green- and water infrastructures. These landscape infrastructures are considered armatures for urban and rural development. With movement and flows at the core, these landscape...
report 2012