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Schouten, P.C. (author), Grigoriadis, A. (author), Kuilman, T. (author), Mirza, H. (author), Watkins, J.A. (author), Cooke, S.A. (author), Van Dyk, E. (author), Severson, T.M. (author), Rueda, O.M. (author), Hoogstraat, M. (author), Verhagen, C. (author), Natrajan, R. (author), Chin, S.F. (author), Lips, E.H. (author), Kruizinga, J. (author), Velds, A. (author), Nieuwland, M. (author), Kerkhoven, R.M. (author), Krijgsman, O. (author), Vens, C. (author), Peeper, D. (author), Nederlof, P.M. (author), Caldas, C. (author), Tutt, A.N. (author), Wessels, L.F.A. (author), Linn, S.C. (author)
Breast cancers with BRCA1 germline mutation have a characteristic DNA copy number (CN) pattern. We developed a test that assigns CN profiles to be ‘BRCA1-like’ or ‘non-BRCA1-like’, which refers to resembling a BRCA1-mutated tumor or resembling a tumor without a BRCA1 mutation, respectively. Approximately one third of the BRCA1-like breast...
journal article 2015