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Wu, Yue (author), Liu, Xiuming (author), Li, Q. (author), Chen, Boxuan (author), Luo, Peng (author), Pronk, Arno (author), Mergny, Elke (author)
By using inflatable moulds and then spraying cellulose-water mixture, one ice dome and two ice towers were built in Harbin in December 2016. During the whole process, form-finding of the inflatable moulds as well as the construction of these ice composite shell structures are very important for the final results.<br/>The mould for the ice dome...
conference paper 2017
Lu, W. (author), Liu, A. (author), Wang, H. (author), Wu, Z. (author)
While heated discussions have been directed towards various innovative procurement systems such as PPP, PFI, and BOT that carry the great expectation to help materialise the projects and deliver value to the society, a procurement system named agent-construction system (ACS or in Chinese Dai Jian Zhi) is being prevailing in China’s public...
conference paper 2011
Liu, C. (author), Emadi, A. (author), Wu, H. (author), De Graaf, G. (author), Wolffenbuttel, R.F. (author)
A linear array of 128 Active Pixel Sensors has been developed in standard CMOS technology and a Linear Variable Optical Filter (LVOF) is added using CMOS-compatible post-process, resulting in a single chip highly-integrated highresolution microspectrometer. The optical requirements imposed by the LVOF result in photodetectors with small pitch...
conference paper 2010