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Laird, Jamie S. (author), Visser, P. (author), Ranade, S. (author), Hughes, A.E. (author), Terryn, H.A. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author)
Studies of Li depletion in sections of a Li <sub>2</sub> CO <sub>3</sub> -primer comprising a polyurethane binder, MgO, TiO <sub>2</sub> , BaSO <sub>4</sub> in addition to Li <sub>2</sub> CO <sub>3,</sub> were performed using a combination of particle induced γ-ray and X-ray emission spectroscopies along with SEM/EDS analysis. A mixture of...
journal article 2019
Marcoen, Kristof (author), Visser, P (author), Trindade, G. F. (author), Abel, M. L. (author), Watts, J. F. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author), Terryn, H.A. (author), Hauffman, T. (author)
Organic primer coatings loaded with environmentally harmful Cr(VI) corrosion inhibitive pigments still play an important role in corrosion protection of aluminium alloys for the aerospace industry. A potential “green” alternative coating system has recently been developed, loaded with lithium salt corrosion inhibitors. Under exposure to...
journal article 2018
Visser, P (author), Liu, Y (author), Terryn, H.A. (author), Mol, J.M.C. (author)
Lithium salts are being investigated as leachable corrosion inhibitor and potential replacement for hexavalent chromium in organic coatings. Model coatings loaded with lithium carbonate or lithium oxalate demonstrated active corrosion inhibition and the formation of a protective layer in a damaged area during neutral salt spray exposure. The...
journal article 2016