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De Visser, Hylke (author), Arkesteijn, M.H. (author), Binnekamp, R. (author), de Graaf, R.P. (author)
Purpose–Alignment of corporate real estate to a corporation’s business strategy is a long-standing issue. In the past multiple models have been developed to support this process, but research shows that they fall short on certain parts of the CRE alignment activity, often lack transparency and fail to choose the real estate strategy that...
abstract 2017
Arkesteijn, M.H. (author), Binnekamp, R. (author), de Jonge, H. (author)
One of the long-standing issues in the field of corporate real estate corporate strategy. Extensive research into existing approaches brought valuable insights into steps, components and variables that are needed in the alignment process. Despite that, it is not clear if existing approaches had much uptake in practice and they fall short in a...
abstract 2016