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Heywood, Christopher (author), Arkesteijn, M.H. (author)
Purpose: This paper advances the concept of meta-Corporate Real Estate Management (metaCREM) as an adjunct to existing knowledge work in the field. It argues for its existence and relevance, and suggests a number of areas where research with such a focus could occur to advance knowledge in the field.<br/>Method: The method is what might be...
abstract 2017
Valks, B. (author), Arkesteijn, M.H. (author), den Heijer, A.C. (author)
One of the long-standing issues in the field of corporate real estate management is the alignment of an organisation’s real estate to its corporate strategy. Despite extensive research, existing approaches have not had much uptake in practice and fall short in a number of aspects (H 2011). The hypothesis in this paper is that indoor positioning...
abstract 2016