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Huisman, S.M.H. (author), Eising, Else (author), Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Vijfhuizen, L.S. (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author), van den Maagdenberg, Arn M.J.M. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author)
Migraine is a common brain disorder, with a heritability of 50%. Genome-wide association studies have identified several loci, but interpretation remains challenging. We integrated migraine GWAS data with spatial gene expression data of adult brains from the Allen Human Brain Atlas, to identify specific brain regions and molecular pathways...
poster 2016
Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author), Grefhorst, Aldo (author), Mol, Isabel M. (author), Sips, Hetty C.M. (author), van den Heuvel, José K. (author), Visser, Jenny A. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author), Meijer, Onno C. (author), More Authors (author)
Steroid hormones coordinate the activity of many brain regions by binding to nuclear receptors that act as transcription factors. This study uses genome-wide correlation of gene expression in the mouse brain to discover (i) brain regions that respond in a similar manner to particular steroids, (ii) signaling pathways that are used in a steroid...
poster 2015
Mahfouz, A.M.E.T.A. (author), Ziats, Mark N. (author), Rennert, Owen M. (author), Lelieveldt, B.P.F. (author), Reinders, M.J.T. (author)
We analyzed the spatial-temporal co-expression relationships of 455 genes previously implicated in Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) using the BrainSpan transcriptome atlas. Understanding how the heterogenous set of ASD-related genes contribute to normal brain development helps identifying cellular/molecular processes which are commonly disrupted...
poster 2013