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Schakel, M.D. (author), Smeulders, D.M.J. (author), Slob, E.C. (author), Heller, H.K.J. (author)
A full-waveform seismoelectric numerical model incorporating the directivity pattern of a pressure source is developed. This model provides predictions of coseismic electric fields and the electromagnetic waves that originate from a fluid/porous-medium interface. An experimental setup in which coseismic electric fields and interface responses...
journal article 2011
Jardani, A. (author), Revil, A. (author), Slob, E.C. (author), Söllner, W. (author)
The interpretation of seismoelectrical signals is a difficult task because coseismic and seismoelectric converted signals are recorded simultaneously and the seismoelectric conversions are typically several orders of magnitude smaller than the coseismic electrical signals. The seismic and seismoelectric signals are modeled using a finite-element...
journal article 2009