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Nakayama, H. (author), Althammer, M. (author), Chen, Y.T. (author), Uchida, K. (author), Kajiwara, Y. (author), Kikuchi, D. (author), Ohtani, T. (author), Geprägs, S. (author), Opel, M. (author), Takahashi, S. (author), Gross, R. (author), Bauer, G.E.W. (author), Goennenwein, S.T.B. (author), Saitoh, E. (author)
We report anisotropic magnetoresistance in Pt|Y3Fe5O12 bilayers. In spite of Y3Fe5O12 being a very good electrical insulator, the resistance of the Pt layer reflects its magnetization direction. The effect persists even when a Cu layer is inserted between Pt and Y3Fe5O12, excluding the contribution of induced equilibrium magnetization at the...
journal article 2013