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De Vries, S. (author), Radermacher, M. (author), De Schipper, M.A. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author)
The Sand Motor is a mega-nourishment characterized by a very large sand volume of around 20 million m3 placed along the Dutch coast. The Sand Motor is a pilot project to evaluate the performance of an alternative nourishment strategy with respect to different functions of the coastal system. Within the scope of the coastal functions, the hook...
conference paper 2015
Su, M. (author), Wang, Z.B. (author), Zhang, C. (author), Yao, P. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author)
A two-dimensional tidal wave model for the Chinese marginal seas with high resolution is set up and the verification results demonstrate that it can well simulate the large domain. Based on this model, a series of numerical experiments are constructed to analyze the influence of local bathymetry and reclamation of the Jiangsu coast on the tidal...
conference paper 2013
Ranasinghe, R.W.M.R.J.B. (author), Swinkels, C. (author), Luijendijk, A.P. (author), Bosboom, J. (author), Roelvink, D. (author), Stive, M.J.F. (author), Walstra, D.J.R. (author)
The Morphological Acceleration Factor (MORFAC) approach for morphodynamic upscaling enables the simulation of long term coastal evolution. However the general validity of the MORFAC concept for coastal applications has not yet been comprehensively investigated. Furthermore, a robust and objective method for the a priori determination of the...
conference paper 2010