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Van Der Hoek, J.P. (author), Struker, A. (author), Danschutter, J.E.M. (author)
Amsterdam has the ambition to develop as a competitive and sustainable European metropolis. The flows of energy, water and resources within the urban environment have a large potential to contribute to this ambition. The overall mass balances of phosphate, food, water, energy and material imports in the Amsterdam region have already been mapped....
conference paper 2013
Taelman, Sue Ellen (author), Tonini, Davide (author), Wandl, A. (author), Dewulf, Jo (author)
Waste management represents a challenge for public authorities due to many reasons such as increased waste generation following urban population growth, economic burdens imposed on the municipal budget, and nuisances inevitably caused to the environment and local inhabitants. To optimize the system from a sustainability perspective, moving the...
journal article 2018
Blok, Rijk (author), Smits, J.E.P. (author), Gkaidatzis, R. (author), Teuffel, Patrick (author)
This paper deals with the design, production and monitoring of a bio-composite footbridge with a span of 14 m across the river Dommel in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The specific bio-composite material that was used for this research is a Natural Fibre Reinforced Bio-Polymer (NFRBP). The goal of the research is to prove that NFRBP can...
journal article 2019