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Lv, Leyang (author), Schlangen, E. (author), Yang, Z. (author), Xing, Feng (author)
Self-healing cementitious materials containing a microencapsulated healing agent are appealing due to their great application potential in improving the serviceability and durability of concrete structures. In this study, poly(phenol-formaldehyde) (PF) microcapsules that aim to provide a self-healing function for cementitious materials were...
journal article 2016
Šavija, B. (author), Zhang, H. (author), Schlangen, E. (author)
Excessive cracking can be a serious durability problem for reinforced concrete structures. In recent years, addition of microencapsulated phase change materials (PCMs) to concrete has been proposed as a possible solution to crack formation related to temperature gradients. However, the addition of PCM microcapsules to cementitious materials...
journal article 2017