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Ramakrishnan, G. (author), Chakkittakandy, R. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author)
Generation of subpicosecond terahertz pulses is observed when graphite surfaces are illuminated with femtosecond near-infrared laser pulses. The nonlinear optical generation of THz pulses from graphite is unexpected since, in principle, the material possesses a centre of inversion symmetry. Experiments with highly oriented pyrolytic graphite...
journal article 2009
Ramakrishnan, G. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author)
Emission of pulses of electromagnetic radiation in the terahertz range is observed when ultrathin gold films on glass are illuminated with femtosecond near-IR laser pulses. A distinct maximum is observed in the emitted terahertz amplitude from films of average thickness just above the percolation threshold. Our measurements suggest that the...
journal article 2011
Ramakrishnan, G. (author), Kumar, N. (author), Planken, P.C.M. (author), Tanaka, D. (author), Kajikawa, K. (author)
Emission of terahertz radiation is observed when surface plasmons are excited on a thin film of gold, in the Kretschmann geometry. When a hemicyanine-terminated alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer of thickness 1.2 nm is deposited on the gold film, stronger terahertz emission is observed. Our experimental results confirm that enhanced terahertz...
journal article 2012