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Meijer, D.G. (author), Verheij, H.J. (author)
report 1998
Meijer, E.J. (author)
In this thesis we study charge transport in organic semiconductors. We do this by focusing on the physical characterization of disordered organic field-effect transistors. It will be made clear that the disorder in the polymer films is crucial for the interpretation of the data. The field-effect transistor geometry allows variation of the charge...
doctoral thesis 2003
Meijer, S.C.F. (author)
This thesis describes the full-scale validation and calibration of a integrated metabolic activated sludge model for biological phosphorus removal. In chapters 1 and 2 the metabolic model is described, in chapters 3 to 6 the model is tested and in chapters 7 and 8 the model is put into practice. Chapter 1 is a general introduction to this...
doctoral thesis 2004