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Mergili, M. (author), Marchesini, I. (author), Rossi, M. (author), Alvioli, M. (author), Schneider-Muntau, B. (author), Cardinali, M. (author), Ardizzone, F. (author), Fiorucci, F. (author), Valigi, D. (author), Santangelo, M. (author), Bucci, F. (author), Guzzetti, F. (author)
The GIS-based open source software r.slope.stability computes broad-scale spatial overviews of shallow and deep-seated slope stability through physically-based modelling. We focus on the landslide-prone 90 km2 Collazzone area, central Italy, exploiting a comprehensive set of lithological, geotechnical and landslide inventory data available for...
conference paper 2015