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Wu, C. (author), Gratama van Andel, H.A. (author), Laverman, P. (author), Boerman, O.C. (author), Beekman, F.J. (author)
Background In single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), attenuation of photon flux in tissue affects quantitative accuracy of reconstructed images. Attenuation maps derived from X-ray computed tomography (CT) can be employed for attenuation correction. The attenuation coefficients as well as registration accuracy between SPECT and CT...
journal article 2013
Wu, C. (author), Van der Have, F. (author), Vastenhouw, B. (author), Dierckx, R.A.J.O. (author), Paans, A.M.J. (author), Beekman, F.J. (author)
Purpose: In pinhole SPECT, attenuation of the photon flux on trajectories between source and pinholes affects quantitative accuracy of reconstructed images. Previously we introduced iterative methods that compensate for image degrading effects of detector and pinhole blurring, pinhole sensitivity and scatter for multi-pinhole SPECT. The aim of...
journal article 2010