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Apostolidis, P. (author), Liu, X. (author), Erkens, Sandra (author), Scarpas, Athanasios (author)
In epoxy-bitumen systems, temperature contributes to the development of physiochemical and mechanical characteristics during curing (chemical hardening) and at the long-term service (oxidative aging) of pavement structures. Hardening (i.e., chemical or oxidative controlled) is a complex phenomenon in epoxy-modified binders and the in-depth...
journal article 2019
Wang, H. (author), Liu, X. (author), Apostolidis, P. (author), Scarpas, Athanasios (author)
Crumb rubber-modified bitumen (CRMB) has been utilized in the asphalt paving industry for decades due to its various benefits. The complex interaction between bitumen and crumb rubber as well as the addition of warm-mix additives makes the typical laws of Newtonian fluids insufficient to describe the behaviors of highly modified bituminous...
journal article 2018
Liu, G. (author)
Montmorillonite (Mt) nanoclay is a layered silicate mineral with a 2:1-type layer structure, two tetrahedrals sandwiching one octahedral. In recent decades, it is successfully introduced into polymer systems to form polymer-clay nanocomposites (PCN) in which the silicate layers of the Mt are randomly and homogeneously dispersed at a molecular...
doctoral thesis 2011