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Bakker, M.C.M. (author), Rem, P.C. (author), Berkhout, S.P.M. (author)
The invention relates to a method of and a device for separating scrap comprising scrap items of a first type and of a second type, at least one of said types of scrap comprising metal. According to the invention, the method comprises the steps of passing a spot of light over the surface of a scrap item, and performing a plurality of successive...
patent 2013
Rem, P.C. (author), Bakker, M.C.M. (author), Berkhout, S.P.M. (author), Rahman, M.A. (author)
Eddy current separation apparatus (1) for separating particles (20) from a particle stream (w), wherein the apparatus (1) comprises a separator drum (4) adapted to create a first particle fraction (21) and a second particle fraction (23), a feeding device (2) upstream of the separator drum (4) for supplying particles (20) to said separator drum ...
patent 2012