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Ingram, D.M. (author), Causon, D.M. (author), Gao, F. (author), Mingham, C.G. (author), Troch, P. (author), Li, T. (author), De Rouck, J. (author)
The main objective of Workpackage 5 is to use numerical simulation of wave overtopping in order to solve the problem of suspected scale effects. A second, related, objective is to improve existing codes in such a way as they are able to simulate wave overtopping in a reliable way. The final, single, objective is to numerically model long waves...
report 2004
Li, Y.C. (author), Herbich, J.B. (author)
The interaction of a gravity wave with a steady uniform current is discussed in this paper. Analysis indicates there is no dominant difference in the results obtained when employing either the equation of conservation of wave energy flux or the equation of conservation of wave action flux. Numerical calculations of the wave length change by...
report 1982