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Ooms, T. (author), Koek, W. (author), Braat, J. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
journal article 2006
Koek, W.D. (author), Chan, V.S.S. (author), Ooms, T.A. (author), Bhattacharya, N. (author), Westerweel, J. (author), Braat, J.J.M. (author)
We present a novel holographic particle image velocimetry (HPIV) system using a reversible holographic material as the recording medium. In HPIV the three-dimensional flow field throughout a volume is detected by adding small tracer particles to a normally transparent medium. By recording the particle distribution twice with a known time shift...
conference paper 2005
Koek, W.D. (author), Bhattacharya, N. (author), Braat, J.J.M. (author), Ooms, T.A. (author), Westerweel, J. (author)
A theoretical analysis describing the dependence of the signal-tonoise ratio (SNR) on the number of pixels and the number of particles is presented for in-line digital particle holography. The validity of the theory is verified by means of numerical simulation. Based on the theory we present a practical performance benchmark for digital...
journal article 2005