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Serebriakov, A. (author), Bociort, F. (author), Braat, J. (author)
In the year 2001 it was reported that the birefringence induced by spatial dispersion (BISD), sometimes also called intrinsic birefringence, had been measured and calculated for fluorides CaF2 and BaF2 in the deep UV range. It was also shown that the magnitude of the BISD in these cubic crystals is sufficiently large to cause serious problems...
conference paper 2005
Serebriakov, A. (author), Maksimov, E. (author), Bociort, F. (author), Braat, J. (author)
The subject of birefringence induced by spatial dispersion (BISD), also called intrinsic birefringence, recently became an important issue for 157-nm lithography. For the deep UV range, because of intrinsic absorption, only crystalline materials can be used as optical materials for lens manufacturing. The physical properties of crystals are...
conference paper 2004