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Danilouchkine, M.G. (author), Van Neer, P.L.M.J. (author), Matte, G.M. (author), Verwey, M.D. (author), De Jong, N. (author)
Second harmonic imaging is currently adopted as standard in commercial echographic systems. A new imaging technique, coined as superharmonic imaging (SHI), combines the 3rd till the 5th harmonics, arising during nonlinear sound propagation. It could further enhance resolution and quality of echographic images. To meet the bandwidth requirement...
conference paper 2011
Van Neer, P. (author), Danilouchkine, M.G. (author), Matte, G. (author), Voormolen, M.M. (author), Verweij, M.D. (author), De Jong, N. (author)
Superharmonic imaging (SHI) targets a combination of the 3rd to 5th harmonics. It was proven to have certain advantages in comparison with the established imaging standards in medical utrasound. SHI enhances the spatial resolution and improves the quality of echographic images, mainly by eliminating reverberation artifacts at the chest wall....
conference paper 2010