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van der Walle, P (author), Van Der Donck, J. C.J. (author), Mulckhuyse, W (author), Nijsten, L. (author), Bernal Arango, F.A. (author), De Jong, A. (author), Van Zeijl, E. (author), Spruit, H. E.T. (author), van den Berg, J.H. (author), Nanda, G. (author), van Langen-Suurling, A.K. (author), Alkemade, P.F.A. (author), Pereira, S.F. (author), Maas, D.J. (author)
Particle defects are important contributors to yield loss in semi-conductor manufacturing. Particles need to be detected and characterized in order to determine and eliminate their root cause. We have conceived a process flow for advanced defect classification (ADC) that distinguishes three consecutive steps; detection, review and...
conference paper 2017