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Egyedi, T.M. (author), Vrancken, J.L.M. (author), Ubacht, J. (author)
The paper argues that a new category of infrastructures is emerging, user-driven, selforganizing and with de-centralized control: Inverse Infrastructures (IIs). IIs are not wellunderstood. Moreover, they represent a paradigm shift in infrastructure development. Their bottom-up development shows tension with the current socio-institutional...
conference paper 2007
Yuan, Y. (author), Daamen, W. (author), Hoogendoorn, S. (author), Vrancken, D. (author)
The steadily increasing numbers and lengths of traffic jams on freeways have led to the application of Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) measures all over the world. Ramp metering control has proven to be one of the most efficient means to reduce freeway congestion. Currently, it is expected that integrated and coordinated application of DTM...
conference paper 2010
Seelen, P.A.G. (author), Vrancken, J.L.M. (author)
VERDER, a partnership of different governmental organizations in the Middle Netherlands, initiated different projects for regional traffic management to better use existing road capacity and safeguard mobility in the Middle Netherlands. This active form of traffic management requires traffic data with a certain quality level, although this is...
conference paper 2013